Posted by: leakyfaucet | October 10, 2007

I Hate you Canada Post… Really Hate you


Canada Post is the Worst Institution in the Universe

Canada Post is the worst institution in the universe.  I was going to list several examples to prove this statement, but I think one will do the trick: THEY DON’T DELIVER MAIL! 

You have to pretty much leave a trail of maple syrup that leads to your house to get any Canada Post worker to deliver a package.  I don’t know which dimension packages enter before arriving at some random grocery store but they certainly do not stop at my house.  I just wait for a month and then suddenly get a threatening FINAL NOTICE slip in my mail box (oh my God, they found it!) and have to walk to the drug store 2 miles away to pick up a package that I expected to be delivered to my house!!! 

Quoting a book about living and working in Canada, the mail system is “the epitome of inefficiency.”  Good luck getting through to complain about this too… everyone is too busy watching a Calgary Flames game and eating poutine to even bother helping out a customer- why should they?  The one time I did get through, the lady was very helpful… but I still get final notices and have to walk two miles to get my own goddam packages.  Why should the even deliver it there?  Why don’t I just wait at the receiving docks downtown and just get it myself… I would certainly hate to bother a letter carrier.  NO!  How ATTEMPT to deliver a package to ME, AT HOME.  There is a buzzer next to the door with MY NAME on it… push button…. I’m probably home since I’m waiting for a fucking package!  In the event I am not home… you should have some tags in your little bag there… go ahead and look… there they are… that’s a notice to say you attempted a delivery, and will try again tomorrow…. I will surely be home waiting if I get a tag saying you’re trying to deliver something.  Don’t bring the package to my house and if I’m not hanging over my balcony naked with a “DELIVER TO ME” sign around my neck just leave… no buzzer, no tag.  What is wrong with you?  What in God’s name is wrong with Canada Post?  Your ONE JOB is to deliver mail… and you FAIL EVERY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  FUCK YOU!!!!!!



  1. I KNOW!!!!

    I don’t run into this problem just from time to time, either…
    It’s come to the point where they should litterally change their SLA to ” You’ll get it when we goddamn please, if you’re lucky. FUCK YOU.”

    It’s not like I live in a hole in the ground either. I live in fucking downtown Montreal, on a street with no confusing east/west/north/south designation. What is wrong with these people?

  2. Canada Post lost my package—a microphone I had Xpressposted to an address in Ottawa to meet a recording gig deadline—and now they’re essentially claiming it’s my fault. After being two days late, I checked the online tracking system and saw the package had been declared “delivered” twice already, though I hadn’t received any notifications in my mailbox (or at the corner store, where I receive parcels). Upon consulting with the employees at the main postal centre on Spark Street (the only ones who were helpful), I learned that fleet drivers often report an item as “delivered” when they don’t want to carry it around with them all day. The case number I received was assigned to a woman who assured me I could all anytime, and then disabled her answering machine, and stopped returning my calls. She, and every single other Canada Post representative, with the above exception, were rude, sarcastic, and entirely uninformed. The clerk didn’t mention insuring the package, and as a result, the cost of the item—over $1,000—falls on me to recover; I haven’t even received an apology.

  3. Even when they got the parcel they don’t deliver it….but they do deliver the piece of paper that looks very official and states DELIVERY NOTICE wit ha big X next to NO ANSWER and proclaiming they are leaving it at a pharmacy for us to pick up tomorrow.
    What utter BS. I’ll guarantee it was still at the post office.
    I was home all day…ALL DAY…and the door bell works and NEVER rang.
    They didn’t even try to deliver it.
    The postie filled the form out at her work station at the post office in the morning with no intention of attempting to deliver the actual parcel…….which, by the way, I have been waiting for a week to receive.
    She’s real lucky I wasn’t in the front room when she sneaked upto the mail box and left the DELIVERY NOTICE.
    Unbelievable.!!!!! The arrogance !!!
    And I’ll bet it’s policy to treat parcels like that…..a CUPE policy!
    The unions are well on the way to destroying this country……starting with the auto industry !!!!!
    Don’t use CANADA POST for any parcels or PUROLATOR because they are owned by Canada Post.

  4. Canada post have the worst service ever!!! I was suppose to receive my package yesterday but my tracking number status says “delivery attempted and notice left for where to pick it up” I came home and no notice card at all. I went to my local post office since it displays a next message for my tracking “Item ready to be picked up from post office” the office told me they had nothing for me. so I guess the losers lost it or steel it.

  5. I HATE Canada post, too!!

    My Canadian grand parents sent Christmas gift to my apartment in Japan. They went to post office the middle of December 2008, however finally I received January 23, 2009. Can you imagine Canada post sent it to JAMAICA!! Poor Canada post worker can’t read the country name correctly…
    Same time, my friend sent me a parcel but I haven’t received yet…. The service is “Xpress post”!! Why took over 1 month by air? Where is mine? Did they steal mine?


  6. Obviously you are not educated enough to understand how the mail service works. Your parcel likely travels through two or three cities, several warehouses, many machines, the hands of 25 people, an airplane, a semi and a postal truck before finally getting to your carrier. Not to mention making its way through the company you ordered it from, their staff, their warehouse and their shipping department.

    Trust me, anyone working for canada post doesn’t want to steal your crap. They have too much on the line (jobs, homes, families, pensions), which you would obviously not understand as it seems the only job you have is to sit around waiting for your mail… you should try working for a living – the post office pays well. I suspect you collect a welfare cheque and maybe you owe your Canada Post carrier, and everyone else in the real world, a thank you every pay day.

    You should try to learn about the people and processess around you, you might learn something and become a better person.

    Oh my gosh. Now I know what ‘going postal’ means! Haha! Excuse me for offending you. I don’t think Canada Post workers are stealing my stuff, they’re just letting it sit in a dark corner of one of the many warehouses you say it passes through. In the US, which is way more populated than Canada and has way more mail going through the system, my packages arrive on time and not covered in stickers written in Spanish and are dropped off at my door- no big deal. I understand the process, and I know that those types of processes are often flawed and inefficient.
    AND, I think it makes you appear awfully undeducated and misinformed to assume that I’m on welfare just because I criticize the postal system! Does being on welfare take away someone’s right to have an opinion? Anyway, I’m not on welfare, I work full time and I work very hard, thank you, AND I still hate Canada Post, so there.

  7. YES!

    A dying worthless POS unionized government run company that serves one purpose and doesn’t even attempt to do it properly. 9/10 times they will blatantly LIE on their cards saying there was no answer when I was home the entire time, the other 1/10 times they just check the box saying they were too fucking lazy to do their job. 50% of the time it isn’t even left at the closest post office!

    They fucking strike when there is a huge recession and their sick days might get cut down 7 instead of 15. 15 fucking sick days?

    Every day that passes the mail system is becoming more and more outdated. Their pure laziness is making it universally hated. Their unions are turning it the way of the auto industry. And our tax dollars are going to be forced to keep these worthless piece of shit douche bags alive when it all catches up to them. Joke is on us I guess.

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